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Connect with 2 billion users globally with a fast, user-friendly, secure and reliable platform. Empower your enterprise to provide real-time 2-way communication by integrating our WhatsApp Business APIs to send and receive messages.

Support customers, send marketing campaigns, set up automated notifications, and use WhatsApp Business.

Rich, Interactive Messaging Features

Get the most out of WhatsApp Business and give your customers a more interactive experience.

Get up and running in minutes

Get instant access to WhatsApp Business through our streamlined channel creation process.

Automate without code

Build automated replies and chatbots on WhatsApp with an easy-to-use, no-code platform.

Across the customer journey

Leverage WhatsApp for customer service, notifications, identity verification, marketing, and more.

Rich and interactive

Take advantage of rich features, including images, location, file sharing, buttons, etc.

Enable personal customer care

Give your service teams the ability to receive and respond to messages, access rich messaging features, and set up chatbots on WhatsApp.

Send marketing campaigns

Send promotional messages on WhatsApp, and take advantage of interactive features like embedded buttons, payment links, and more.

Notifications and alerts

Send automated notifications and alerts at scale through WhatsApp — no code required.


Send one-time passwords over WhatsApp to allow users to verify their identity through multi-factor authentication.

Conversation Commerce

Give shoppers the ability to browse items, make purchases, and schedule appointments directly from WhatsApp.

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