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We believe in the power of strategic partnerships to drive mutual success in the dynamic world of communication technology.

“I believe WhatsApp is for Every business!
Find out how your business can benefit. Meet me and a few more like-minded & Progressive”

Prinsalkumar Parikh

CEO and Founder

Reseller, White label, and Referral

Reseller Program

Supercharge Your Portfolio with Omnichannel Solutions

Empower your resellers with Alendei’s omnichannel conversational solutions. Gain access to leading-edge technology, helping your partners enhance their portfolio and thrive in the competitive market.

Whitelabel Program

Your Business Our Technology

Make our top-notch solutions as your own. Launch quickly, enjoy continuous support, and let your brand shine with the strength of Alendei’s technology.

Referral Program

Monetize Your Connections Effortlessly

Earn commissions through simple referrals – no sales expertise required. Track your earnings transparently and turn your network into a source of continuous revenue.

Your Brand, Our Technology: Seamless Integration for Success

Initiate a consultation to discuss your brand's communication goals and how our white label solution can align with your strategy.

Work closely with our team to customize the solution to seamlessly blend with your brand identity.

Implement the white label solution effortlessly, ensuring a smooth transition and integration into your existing systems.

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