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We provide ChatBot on 16+ Communication Channel

Alendei provides chatbot on 16+ Communication channel including WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Telegram and many more.

3 major problems that enterprises struggle with...

Many businesses fail due to three major basic problems that get ignored and result in losing your loyal customers.

Low Customers

Most of your loyal customer are lost due to late response to their inquiry.


Lack of Remarketing

Businesses grow when you are constantly engaged with your customers through remarketing.


No Personalized Offers?

Your customers enjoy the special message and offer specifically made for them.


We help you with all your problems

Alendei's AI Chatbot

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replies to all inquiries

Simplify your customer engagement with your 24/7 live AI Chatbot which will reply to all your customer’s inquiries in under 5 seconds.

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Broadcast Marketing

Personalized bulk messaging

Send your personalized broadcast message for a specific audience using our tag feature.

Remarketing Strategy

Customized remarketing

We help you create your custom remarketing strategy specifically targeting your customers.

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Powerful and Easy to Use Saas Platform!

Use marketing automation to identify hot leads and email your sales team telling them to follow up. Nurture and contact leads at the opportune time to maximize.

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